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Aesthetics Services


Cleansing Facial: $60, 60 minutes
Helps maintain a healthy complexion incorporating a soothing message. A gentle exfoliation brings instant radiance to the skin followed by a customized treatment masque that rejuvenates and illuminates the complexion.

Deep Pore Facial: $65, 1 hour, 30 minutes
This treatment is designed to treat acne or congested pores. It addresses the four main factors that contribute to acne development (over active sebaceous glands, cell accumulation, bacteria and inflammation) while customizing the facial for the need of teenage and adult skin.

Vitamin C Facial: $65, 1 hour
Promotes skin rejuvenation from the inside out with vitamin C. This facial will help minimize future cell damage, improve appearance of hyper pigmentation and restore radiance to your skin.

Gentlemen’s Detox: $60, 1 hour, 15 minutes
Specifically created with men in mind. A series of relaxing massages including scalp, face, neck and shoulders to ensure a deep sense of wellbeing a relaxation.

Express Facial: $45, 45 minutes
Ideal as a weekly treatment or to boost a comprehensive home care regimen, this facial is suitable for people on the go!


We offer the following options:

  • Eyebrows $10
  • Chin $10
  • Lip $10
  • Sideburns $15
  • Nose $10
  • Full Face $30
  • Underarm $20
  • ½ Arm $35
  • Full Arm $40
  • Feet $20
  • Back $45
  • Stomach $30
  • ½ Leg $45
  • Full Leg $60
  • Chest $30
  • Bikini $30 - (bikini area)
  • Brazilian $50 - (landing strip)
  • Hollywood $60 - (everything)

Body Treatments

Purifying Back Treatment
With Extractions: $65, 1hour, 30 minutes
Without Extractions: $60, 1 hour, 30 minutes

This treatment is ideal for clients who need the benefits of both stress relief and purification for their back. It leaves the skin smooth while helping to combat breakout activity and relax the muscles.

Hot Stone Back Facial: $80, 1 hour, 15 minutes
Ideal for stress relief. Heated basalt stones are placed on the pressure points on the back relieving stressed shoulder and back muscles creating a sense of balance throughout the body.

Laser Treatments

Come experience the latest in our line of rejuvenating Palomar Pulsed Light System. In addition to hair removal, Palomar system offer treatments for photo rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, leg veins, sun damage, acne, rosacea, age spots, spider veins and stretch marks.

Chemical Peels

Acid Peels: $60, Series of 6: $288
Glycolic, Lactic & Salicylic
For healthier, more youthful looking skin without downtime. Treatment includes skin analysis, corrective cleansing and acid peel procedure.

TCA: $150
Trichloreactic acid peel solution repairs dark hyper pigmentation and deep wrinkles.

Jessner’s Peel Modified: $85
Lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol solution is used to clear acne, soften fine lines and lighten hyper pigmentation for non-sensitive skin.

Non-Resorcinol Jessner’s Peel: $85
Lactic, Salicylic and Glycolic acid solution for ethnic and sensitive skin.

Derma Planing: $20 & up
Effective way of exfoliating the outer layer of the skin through controlled surgical scraping, giving the skin a smooth appearance. Recommended before laser treatments and peel treatments for better results.

Massage Services

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. This massage is geared toward detoxification by increasing the speed with which the cells of the body eliminate their waste materials. It helps mobilize oxygen in the blood, release toxins from the muscles, increases circulation, and reduces stress.

1 Hour... $60
Series of 6... $288
1 ½ Hour... $90
Series of 6... $432


Pregnancy Massage

This massage focuses on the pregnant women’s body as it changes to accommodate her growing baby. Using Swedish and Myofacial stretching techniques, this massage will help ease the aches and pains of pregnancy, and help you relax as you count down the days to your labor and delivery.

1 Hour... $60
Series of 6... $288
1 ½ Hour... $90
Series of 6... $432


Deep Tissue Massage

This massage focuses on the deeper layers of the muscle tissue. It aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through Myofacial release, trigger point therapy, and over all deeper pressure.

1 Hour... $75
Series of 6... $360
1 ½ Hour... $113
Series of 6... $542


Hot Stone Massage

Hot basalt stones are placed on strategic areas of the body in this relaxing treatment. Blood circulation is stimulated, encouraging your body to heal itself. Cold stones are sometime used to reduce swelling, while aromatherapy oil and Swedish massage techniques combine to bring your body and mind to a state of sublime bliss.

1 Hour... $90
1 ½ Hour... $135


Body Glow Massage

Using top grade scrubs and exfoliants, this massage will leave you feeling soft, smooth and relaxed. The scrubs are added to our wonderfully relaxing Swedish massage to enhance your experience so that your inner radiance shines through.

1 Hour... $90
1 ½ Hour... $135


30 Minute Massage

Our 30 minute massage is designed to focus massage techniques on a specific problem area. This can be a relaxation or deep tissue massage.

30 Minutes... $45
Series of 6... $216


Foot Massage

Using Swedish massage techniques combined with an exfoliating sugar scrub and warm towels will rejuvenate tired and achy feet, shins and calves. Our foot massage will put a spring in your step.

45 Minutes... $50
Series of 6... $240


Headache / Migraine Massage

Our marble cold stones massage is mixed with aroma therapy specific technique for the headache / migraine sufferer. This massage is for those stubborn headaches that will not go away, or for those that can not take medicine. You can receive this massage while you are pregnant.

30 Minutes... $45
Series of 6... $216


Infant Massage Classes

mother holding babyThere is no substitute for a parent’s loving touch. Through touch, babies first learn the comfort and security of loving and of being loved. Massage plays a significant role in promoting the proper growth and health development of infants. Physically, massage stimulates the nerves, increases blood flow, and strengthens the immune system. It can relieve a host of childhood complaints from colic to development disorders.

5 Day Course, Once a Week... $120



Partner Massage Classes

couple holding tummyThis class focuses on the couple as they prepare for labor and delivery. You will learn how to give each other a massage. With simple massage techniques you will learn how to help each other relax, and ease each others aches and pains. This class will help the mom-to-be’s partner help her relax during her labor. This is also a wonderful bonding time as you help each other to attain better health.

2 Classes... $90


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